Rules & Conditions





Rules & Conditions:


·      Number of participants: 8 to 10 members per team.


·      Members should be “Lebanese descendants”.


·      Music during performance: only Lebanese.


·      Outfit during performance: Traditional Lebanese.


·      Arrival to LEBANON: Tuesday 18 or Wednesday 19 July 2017.


·      Travel insurance covered by each member.


·      Tickets To and From LEBANON are covered by team members.


·      Due date to submit the application is on 15 March 2017 with YOUTUBE link about team performances.

(Please download and fill in the Admission From A001 attached) or Apply here




·      Primary confirmation will be announced before 31 March 2017




After getting the primary acceptance of the committee, please email :


·      Team name + logo (high resolution 300 DPI).


·      Name of team members performing during the festival.


·      ID photo for each member + full name for festival booklet issuing


·      General photo of all the team with the traditional Lebanese outfit


·      Photo of the Lebanese outfit


·      2 different music tracks for the first (Duration: 6 – 7 minutes) and second (Duration: 10 minutes) performance.


·      Submit 3 flash drives for the music required during the performances.




Kindly fill in the Individual Admission Form A002 attached or Apply here